NDIS Assist Personal Activities High

The NDIS uses the term “Assist Personal Activities” describes the more complex supports that some people require to manage their daily lives.

NDIS Assist Personal Activities High Brisbane






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Personal Activities High Assistance in Brisbane

Assisting with and/or supervising personal daily tasks in order to develop the participant’s skills so that he or she can live as autonomously as possible, including overnight support in situations where the support delivered is intense and a more skilled or experienced support worker is required.

Provision of assistance to allow a participant to participate in community, social, and/or recreational activities when a support worker with additional qualifications and experience relevant to the participant’s complex needs is required.

Your Trusted Daily Personal Assistance

High Intensity Trusted Daily Personal Assistance include tasks that necessitate more care and attention than other daily activities. With an NDIS plan covering this, Distinction at Home Care understands the sensitivity of customers’ needs.

Our caregivers are trained and certified to provide long-term and short-term support as well as tailored assistance to your specific needs.

NDIS Assist Personal Activities High Brisbane
NDIS Assist Personal Activities High Brisbane

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Assistance with Personal Activities High Support

Our disability care services provide skilled and experienced caregivers to assist our members with their high-intensity needs. Furthermore, our dedicated health professionals help with all levels of higher intensity support needs.

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We work with people from all walks of life, from all circumstances, without judgement or prejudice. Our team is passionate about an inclusive society. We are here to help people.

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