NDIS Community Nursing Care Brisbane

Community nursing care services are available to meet your clinical and personal needs, allowing you to live an independent and healthy life.

NDIS Community Nursing Care Brisbane






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The NDIS and Nursing Care in Brisbane

Distinction at Home Care provides Community Nursing Care in Brisbane to meet all of your needs and expectations. Our nursing services are the best in the area for people in need of assistance with clinical and personal needs.

Nurses with community health expertise are available to meet the support needs of people with complex medical needs. Participants can begin receiving community nursing care as soon as they register with the NDIS.

If you already have community nursing care NDIS in your plan, you can continue to purchase these supports through Distinction at Home Care.

Brisbane's Community Nursing Care

We are ready to assist you in developing, learning, training, and facilitating your desired skill set so that you can live as autonomously as possible. This will include assisting you in learning how to use public transportation, use library materials, conduct research, visit with family, form relationships of your choosing, budgeting, and participating in sports.

We understand your objectives and will work with you to develop confidence and independence in your chosen skill set. We help you take cumulative baby steps towards achieving your desired NDIS daily life skill.

NDIS Community Nursing Care Brisbane
NDIS Community Nursing Care Brisbane

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Community Nursing Support

For people with a disability, community nursing care NDIS promotes healthy lifestyles and illness prevention. Nursing and disability care services will be provided by licensed and certified nurses in the comfort of your own home. We are a highly skilled nursing agency that can help with a wide range of complex personal and disability care needs, such as:

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We work with people from all walks of life, from all circumstances, without judgement or prejudice. Our team is passionate about an inclusive society. We are here to help people.

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